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Batmon: Products

Monitoring & Control


Battery Monitoring

Satellite II adopts the latest data acquisition tech and design, measure each cell's core temperature, voltage, and internal resistance.  It also prevents any negative effect to the battery's life to ensure it is battery safe. The standardized sockets and plugs further minimize any potential safety hazard during installation.

Remote Alarm Card


The Remote Alarm Card is an advanced upgrade of the traditional MIMIC panels and alarm panels.  It combines the old-fashioned dry contact alarm with the functionality of modern high level communication protocols.  The ability to repeat and cascade of multiple cards make it the most versatile remote alarm solution on the market, yet still cost effective.

ATS Control

New generation of automatic transfer switch control panel, the ATS control panel combined the easy user interface of TeleMoment's fault proved intelligent GUI and the technical requirement of a reliable changeover panel. The panel also has comprehensive configurations and detailed history log of trigger event and alarm data.

Branch circuit earth fault detection

TeleMoment has developed a new branch circuit earth fault detection system. This new detection method greatly increase the accuracy of the DC earth fault detection, which helps the troubleshooting a lot.

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