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UPS Power System


MOD Modular UPS

The MOD series Modular UPS has various models with power modules ratings from 10kVA up to 50kVA. Single cabinet power ratings up to 500kVA, and can further parallel module cabinets. With these modules and cabinets configuration, most types of application can be suitable.

RM Rackmount UPS

RM series UPS is specifically designed for rack mount structure and environment. The compact form factor allows users to maximize the space to be used inside the server/network rack. Even with such small form factor, the performance and power ratings are not sacrificed and met with modern UPS standards.



The TOW Series 3phase and 1phase UPS offers advanced technology that increases performance and reliability: high speed DSPs with full digital control ensure high quality of power supply, high input power factor and low input current distortion.  It also offers humanization design; full front access of serviceability and user friendly interface.

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